Finish up Your SAT Prep Strong

So you’ve made a SAT prep schedule, and accomplished a lot of studying in the last couple months. But, the SAT is a little over a week away, and your latest practice test score isn’t what you wanted?


The word to remember for the rest of the time is “consolidation”. You have learned a lot, and practiced a lot. Now is the time to make sure all of that work can come out on test day. There are two big components to that: timing and review.


Do practice sections from the official tests under the most realistic conditions you can. No distractions, no breaks within a section, and use the standard test timing. During weekdays, one to two full sections is good. During the weekend, try to get in at least one more full practice test. Practice keeping your pace per question/per passage. Practice your strategies for skipping and coming back, and filling in bubble sheets efficiently.


Review all of your notes, and be honest with yourself about what you understand and don’t. Retry all of the questions you have missed before, and do them without notes or any hints for knowing the answer ahead of time. Then use the appendices in Erica Meltzer books and PWN the SAT Math for finding similar problems elsewhere, and do those too! Pay attention to what they have in common, similar traps, similar solving strategies, similar hints. Make notes of what they all have in common. Prioritize the problem types to work on here. You won’t have time for every problem type, and that is fine. Pick the ones you have missed the most, and work on those. Pick one topic in each of the Reading, English, and Math sections, and do several questions of that type, until you get it down. Questions that are both tough and very common, like Add, Delete, Revise in English, may take several days of this kind of review. They will be worth it.

You aren’t trying to learn a million new things; you are taking the many things you have learned pretty well and making sure you know them extremely well so you can crush them on test day.