Where to Find All the Official GRE Prep Practice Material

The best prep material for the GRE comes from the ETS, but it is scattered all over. I have collected all the official GRE material from different pages into one place for you to use.

ETS has six standalone practice tests for the GRE, a Verbal Workbook, a Quantitative Workbook, and Combination workbook that covers both Verbal and Quant, including two more practice GREs.

Online Tests

Four of the standalone GRE practice tests are online only. Since you are likely to take the Computer Adaptive Test (CAT), these are crucial for getting used to the CAT GRE format. The first two are called the Powerprep online tests, and are free. Definitely do these! I recommend doing the first as your initial assessment to see where your strengths and weaknesses are. The scoring is fairly accurate but not perfectly so. The next two online tests are Powerprep Plus Online tests. These are $40 each. I still recommend these, as they are great practice and provide you with a score plus feedback for your analytical writing essays.


The next three resources are workbooks that can come in packages that have a somewhat silly naming scheme. Typically, the best prices are on Amazon. The GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions, Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions, and Official Guide to the GRE General Test may be purchased individually, or in combo packs. The Super Power Pack includes all three books. The Official GRE Value Combo includes both the Quantitative Reasoning and the Verbal Reasoning workbooks. There is a little bit of overlap between books in the Super Power Pack, but I still recommend getting that package unless you have a reason to focus only on specific parts of the GRE. The Quant and Verbal Reasoning books are on the 2nd edition, while the Guide to the General Test is on its 3rd edition. I recommend getting the newest editions, though the differences are very minor.

Paper Tests

Finally, we get to the two paper tests. These are free to download. This is the most recent one. Here is an older one that still has good practice questions. While they have real GRE questions, the structure and difficulty of the questions makes these two of the weaker options for simulating a full GRE test. They are still great practice however, so I recommend using them as a question bank. One word of caution, these tests overlap a lot with the free Powerprep tests 1 and 2.


Since not everyone has the time or money to get all of these materials, I have ranked them in order of importance.

ime or money to get all of these materials, I have ranked them in order of importance.

1. Powerprep online tests (Realistic and Free!)

2. Super Power Pack, or GRE Value Combo

3. Powerprep Plus online tests

4. Paper GRE practice tests